Santa Clausis Coming to Town!
It’s that magical time of year again! Jefferson Township Fire Company #1 proudly announces the beginning of
our annual Santa Tour! We will be coming around December 12th – 15th. On the Weekends Santa will begin his journey at 4 pm, on the weekdays Santa will begin at 6pm Please note that Santa will not visit anyone after 9:00pm.
All ages kids are welcome! Please bring your doggies too as Santa will have a special treat for them as well! You will
be alerted to Santa’s Approach by the sound of the fire truck’s sirens. Please wait for us at the nearest cross street.
For everyone’s safety, we ask that you do not climb onto Santa’s sleigh.

Santa’s Schedule


Santa’s Schedule
Friday December 12, 2014
East Elro, West Elro, Patterson Drive, Whitewood Road, Brentwood, Toltec Trail, Boone Trail, Carib Trail, Hopi Trail, Sunset Lane, Starlight Drive, Ross Court, Sheenan Drive, Legion Road, Brent Court, Lola Court, Huron, Lake Stockholm.
Saturday December 13, 2014
Chamberlain Road, Water’s Edge Development, Windsor Drive, Heather Hills, Johnson Place, Notch Road,
Maryann Road, Wroblewski Way/Michelle Road, Princess Lane, Lincoln Road, Kingston Court, Quincy Drive,
Chelsea Drive, Laurel Drive, Old Woodland, Oriole Road, Wildwood, East Birch, Brookside Drive, Pecan Lane,
Hardbargin Road, Overhill Terrace.
Sunday December 14, 2014

Schoolhouse Road, Greenwood Drive, Clifton Road, Horace Road, Lark Lane, Robin Drive, Morgan Lane, Colonial Oaks Drive, Ridge Road, White Rock Area, Jennings Road, Krasco Road, Fredericks Place, Pond Hollow Area, Milton Road, Linda Lane, Stonybrook Lane, Winding Hollow Drive, Berkshire Ridge Condo Complex, including Falcon Drive, Irontown Circle, and Ogdon Court.
Monday December 15, 2014
Longwood Lake Area, Knoll Road, Woodland Drive, Gem Road, Center Road, Pearl Lane, Solar, Preston Lakes, and The Fairways, Manor Drive, Lavina Trail, Pulaski Drive, Paderewski Drive, Pequot Trail, Dakota Trail, Seneca Trail, Cayuga Trail, Dover Milton Road.


Big Thanks to Service Concrete

Thank you to Service Concrete for your generous donation for our dumpster pad.




Cozy Lake Rd Brush Fire Sat April 19th

JTFD1 responded to multiple reports of a brush fire near Davenport and Cozy lake Rd. Upon arrival there was a very large section of the wooded area on fire. NJ Forest Fire Service was dispatched to assist as well and later turned over to them to put the remainder of the fire out with multiple air drops with a helicopter that lasted most of the day.

No businesses or homes were affected.

fire5 fire3 fire4 fire1 fire2

The fire began at about 3:30 a.m. Saturday

April 5th and was quickly knocked down by all responding units.

There were no human  injuries and the fire did not appear to be suspicious. The incident is currently under investigation.

Responding units were Company1, Company2, West Milford Co2, and Standby from Sparta.


fire1 fire2 fire3 fire4


Fire at Sars Auto Salvage Yard

At about  7 p.m. on Saturday, JTFD1 was dispatched for a brush fire at Ackerson field and found the fire was actually located within Sar’s Auto Wreckers located on Schoolhouse Road. Jefferson Twp. Fire Co. 1 and 2 and the Milton First Aid Squads initially responded for the second request after a working fire was confirmed, but the fire quickly spread to the vehicles and tires stored on the property.

Fire hydrants in the area could not keep up with the demand for water and tankers from surrounding towns were requested through the Morris County and Sussex County Fire Coordinators to set up water shuttles to fight the blaze.

Tankers and apparatus from 25 + different municipalities responded to assist in fighting the fire as well as the office of emergency management.

Firefighters, township officials, DPW, Police and many people from all over worked all night; and while the fire was under control by 8 a.m. on Sunday, a large pile of tires continued to burn. Fire operations were reduced at around 6 p.m. Sunday but the tires re-ignited at about 9 p.m. and tankers from surrounding towns had to be called back to the scene. Fire operations were finally completed at 5pm Monday.

The cause of the fire is under investigation.

Many thanks to so many people who stopped by the firehouse to give food, drinks and many misc items to assist all the firefighters as well as Ladies Auxiliary from Co1 and 2 as well as the mutual aid.  People, have helped in so many ways  - Thank you

fire1 fire2 fire3 fire5 fire6 fire8

Jefferson Township Fire Department Co.1