JTFD1 Flashover Training

Jtfd1 Hard at work in a 1200 degree room to ensure we keep you safe. A team of people enter a room on fire and watch the characteristics of how a flashover occurs, it not for the faint of heart.  As you can see in the photo below the fire was hot enough to melt hose.  Special Thanks to Bergen Fire Acedemy for allowing us to train at your facility.

Below is the definition of what a flashover is. 


Flashover by definition is “the sudden involvement of a room or an area in flames from floor to ceiling caused by thermal radiation feedback.”1 Thermal radiation feedback is the energy of the fire being radiated back to the contents of the room from the walls, floor, and ceiling. This radiation of energy to the contents of the room will raise ALL the contents to their ignition temperature. When the contents of the room suddenly and simultaneously ignite, this is flashover. This simply means that flashover is a temperature-driven event. It requires that the fire’s energy be radiated back to the contents to produce a rapid rise in temperature and simultaneous ignition. Flash over indicates that the fire has grown to the fully developed stage.

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Au Pair Fire Safety Training

The annual Au Pair Fire Safety Training was hosted by Fire Co. 1 on Sunday March 22, 2015 at 11:00 AM.

They were welcomed to the fire house by Lt. Kevin DeBlasio.

The Class has been hosted by the township fire companies and run by the township official since March of 2009.

Au Pairs attending this year’s class currently reside/work for families in Warren, Sussex, Morris and Passaic counties.

The Au Pairs this year are from Mexico, Colombia, Germany, Austria, France, Denmark, Sweden, Italy, Australia, Thailand to name a few.

There were over 30 participants.

Juliana Cano Ligarreto at the Firehouse

Juliana Cano Ligarreto at the Firehouse



Trying on Turnout Gear

Trying on Turnout Gear

They learned about having 2 ways out, a home escape plan, a meeting place, the need for smoke detectors and carbon monoxide alarms.

The watched the FIRE IS video segment about ‘Fire is Smoke and Gas’ by Dr. Frank Field and the NFPA video on Fire Power.

This particular group also had 2 members that are fire fighters in their respective countries and got to talk with members of company 1 on fire fighting.

They also had a chance to try on firefighting equipment and see the apparatus as can be seen in the pictures.

New Line Officers for 2015

Hello Jefferson Twp 2015 is here and its time to announce the newly elected officers and they are as follows-

  • Chief – Guy Bakera
  • Asst. Chief – Gerry Brown
  • Captain – Rich Boonstra
  • Lieutenant – Kevin Deblasio
  • 1st Engineer – Raymond Cabrera Sr
  • 2nd Engineer – Jeremy Reed
  • 3rd Engineer – Dave Wetzel
  • 4th Engineer – Evan Woods

JTFD1 would like to give thanks to our 2014 officers for a great job and keeping the residents of Jefferson Twp safe.

Thank you and be safe in 2015.

Big Thanks to Service Concrete

Thank you to Service Concrete for your generous donation for our dumpster pad.




Cozy Lake Rd Brush Fire Sat April 19th

JTFD1 responded to multiple reports of a brush fire near Davenport and Cozy lake Rd. Upon arrival there was a very large section of the wooded area on fire. NJ Forest Fire Service was dispatched to assist as well and later turned over to them to put the remainder of the fire out with multiple air drops with a helicopter that lasted most of the day.

No businesses or homes were affected.

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Jefferson Township Fire Department Co.1