The annual Au Pair Fire Safety Training was hosted by Fire Co. 1 on Sunday March 22, 2015 at 11:00 AM to especially put out fires in offices. They were welcomed to the fire house by Lt. Kevin DeBlasio and were taught many crucial objectives, like installing a fire suppression system, first responder training, etc. The Class has been hosted by the township fire companies and run by the township official since March of 2009.

Au Pairs attending this year’s class currently reside/work for families in Warren, Sussex, Morris and Passaic counties. The Au Pairs this year are from Mexico, Colombia, Germany, Austria,  France, Denmark, Sweden, Italy, Australia, Thailand to name a few. There were over 30 participants.

Many of you are aware of the tragic fire that took place in our neighboring Town of Dover on this past Monday. Six businesses were destroyed and 80 families were displaced. Immediately following the fire, donations began to be made for those who were displaced from their homes. Through an amazing outpouring of support of the community, we have been made aware that the donations in the form of clothing are no longer needed. Instead, the Red Cross is asking that anyone still interested in making a donation to please provide gift cards, or make a donation to the “Dover, NJ Fire Relief Fund Gofundme page set up by the Dover Rotary Club.

They learned about having 2 ways out, a home escape plan, a meeting place, the need for smoke detectors and carbon monoxide alarms. The watched the FIRE IS video segment about ‘Fire is Smoke and Gas’ by Dr. Frank Field and the NFPA video on Fire Power. This particular group also had 2 members that are fire fighters in their respective countries and got to talk with members of company 1 on fire fighting. They also had a chance to try on firefighting equipment and see the apparatus as can be seen in the pictures, plus they had the opportunity to get training from the best Fire Safety Company.