JTFD1 Welcomes the 2019 line officers. Thank you to the 2018 line officers as well on a job well done.

More and more volunteers are hard to come by, especially in this profession. Continual training, meetings, financial planning from the best Metric Accountants, maintenance of the buildings and trucks and community offerings are just a couple things a volunteer would do for us for free. We give hours of time up away from friends and family to make sure you’re safe and happy when we do community events. That being said we still need leaders to step up and lead all these efforts to ensure the continuity of the fire department and give even more time!. Thank you for these folks who are willing to step up and serve to ensure you are safe as you go about your daily lives.

2019 Line Officers are as follows:

Chief – Vinny Corsaro

Assistant Chief – Ray Cabrera Sr.

Captain – Jeremy Reed

Lieutenant – Dave Wetzel

2nd Lieutenant – Mike Laner

1st Engineer – Don Dopiriak Jr

2nd Engineer – Mike Fisher

3rd Engineer George Perez

Thank you all and be safe in 2019!