We are pleased to announce that we will be bringing the Easter Bunny around this year to help brighten your Easter! We will be following our regular Santa Tour routes. Meaning if Santa does not drive past your house neither will the Easter Bunny. This might require you to come to the end of your street. While doing this please be mindful of others. We ask that ALL RESIDENTS MAINTAIN SOCIAL DISTANCE TO OTHERS AND PLEASE UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES ARE YOU TO APPROACH THE FIRE TRUCKS! As much as we would love for this to be a little more interactive it just can not be. We ask this for your safety and our safety and the safety of your neighbors! We will not be stopping the Fire Trucks this is strictly a drive-by and wave to bring a smile to your face. We look forward to seeing some smiling faces. Our tour will start at 9 am on Saturday, April 11th 2020. We will pause at some point for the bunny to get some carrots and will continue until the tour is done. Please note this road list is in order of how the bunny will be travelling. You can also follow along on the Bunny Tracker. http://bit.ly/31swiYn

Tour Route- Stockholm area, Scenic, Holland Mountain Rd., Russia Rd., Preston Lake, The Fairways, Top half of Dover Milton Rd, South Woods, School House, Green Wood Dr. , Clifton Rd, Horace Rd, Lower School House, Colonial Oaks, Morgan Ln, Lark Ln, Robin Dr. Ridge, Rudmar, Jennings, Fredricks Place, 1st half of Krasco, White Rock Area, Berkshire Ridge Condos- Irontown Circle, Red Oak Terrace, Falcon Dr, East Elro, West Elro, Patterson, White Wood Rd, Pond Hollow Development, Brentwood, Stonybrook, Linda Lane, Milton Road, Winding Hollow, Legion Rd, Sunset, Starlight, Abenaki Tr, Hopi Tr, Ross, Ct, Sheehan , Brett Ct, Lola, Second Half Dover Milton Rd., Sleepy Hallow, Cayuga, Pequot, Dacotah, Seneca, Pulaski, Paderewski, Lavina, Valley, Aldrin, Eugenia Lane, Longwood Lake Rd., East Elk, Forest Ridge Terrace, Knoll Rd, Woodland Dr, Gem Rd, Pioneer, Village Place, Old Woodstock Trail, Center, River, Pearl, Manor, Toltec,. Aztec, Oneida, Boone, Moquis Trail, Pawnee Tr, Huron Tr, Cozylake Rd., Hardbargain Rd, Overhill Terrace, Pecan Ln, Brookside, Laurel Dr, Ferris, Lyons, Mt. Crest, Old Woodland Trail, East Birch Trail, Wildrose Rd, Princess Ct, Notch Rd, Skyler Ct, Stone Cliff Terrace, October Hill, Puddingstone, Maryann, Tall Oaks, Meredith, Lorna, Mackenzie, 2nd Lt. Wroblewski Ln, Moosepac Ln, Lincoln, Kingston Ct, Quincy Dr, Chelsea, Riverdale Ct, Windsor, Johnson, Heather Hills, Waters Edge Area. Chamberlain Rd.