Happy May everyone! Please read entire message for important details. We hope everyone is staying safe and is in good health. As we had previously stated, the Officers of JTFD1 were to re-evaluate whether or not we could continue making birthday stops for the month of May, and we are happy to announce that we are going to keep them going! We learned many lessons during our April stops, and we have some important information to share about the stops going forward. That being said, the following applies to MAY ONLY. No stops will be scheduled for June at this time. Please read the entire post for contact information.

·         Since there is no solid timeline on when our members will be returning to their full time jobs, we are only scheduling stops for one week at a time.

·         Scheduling for May 4th -May 10 can begin today.

·         Scheduling for May 11 – May 17 can begin May 10.

·         Scheduling for May 18 – May 24 can begin on May 17.

·         Scheduling for May 25 – May 31 can begin on May 24.

·         If we are unable to continue at any point, we will let the public know.

·         Please schedule at least 24 hours in advance to ensure that we receive and see your e-mail on time.

·         Stops will begin at 6pm each day and will not be scheduled beyond 7pm.

·         While the weather is getting nicer and it may be tempting to get the neighbors involved, JTFD1 strongly encourages you to only gather in your yard or driveway with the people who live inside your home. If we notice any large gatherings we will have to bypass the stop, and this will have an impact on whether or not we continue making stops.

·         Please allow a minute buffer between any “parades” and the fire truck. We don’t want to create any traffic issues on any roads no matter the size. There have also been instances where we’ve had to respond to an emergency during the stops, and we need room for the trucks to make a timely exit if necessary.

·         Remember, we are an emergency service so in the event of an emergency, times are subject to change without any notices. If there is an occasion that a stop has been missed due to an emergency incident, we will contact you ASAP to reschedule.

·         Please do not under any circumstances approach the fire trucks during the stops. This keeps everyone safe!

·         The only way to schedule stops is e-mail Lieutenant Don Dopiriak Jr. at  ddopiriakjr.jtfd1@gmail.com. Comments on social media may be missed, messages on the firehouse phone may not be heard immediately, and please do not contact JTPD.

·         JTFD1’s coverage area is the Milton section of Jefferson Township. If you live in the Lake Hopatcong section of Jefferson Township you will need to contact our brothers and sisters on JTFD2 at events@jtfd2.com.

JTFD1 made 79 birthday stops between April 1st and May 1st. Our firefighters have enjoyed seeing all of you as much as you have enjoyed seeing us. Following the guidelines above will make it possible for us to continue these stops throughout May. The contact e-mail for scheduling once again is ddopiriakjr.jtfd1@gmail.com. As always, stay safe!