At 12:22 JTFD1, along with all other Jefferson Township volunteer emergency organizations, were dispatched to provide standby crews for response during the hurricane. The calls began almost immediately. During the standby, JTFD1 was able to staff Engine 722, Engine 727, Utility 721/726, as well as a crew at our firehouse to provide any additional apparatus we would need for any emergencies. JTFD1 also had a member in the firehouse monitoring our radios, coordinating with units, and keeping track of any pending calls. In total, JTFD1 answered 20 calls for service including wires down, trees down, people caught in their vehicles, and more. JTFD1 incident command was provided by Asst Chief Wetzel (731) for the duration of the standby. This was all possible by the teamwork of everyone in and out of the agencies.