Last night, members of JTFD1’s RIT and supporting membership conducted their monthly training drill with the emphasis on utilizing their newest “window bailout” training prop. The objective was to refresh their training in the proper use of their fire service harnesses, as well as practice self-rescue and victim removal from a basement, and through a basement window.
During the basement escape training evolution, members were tasked with self-rescuing themselves by using a hand tool leaning against the floor and wall as a stepping point to boost themselves up into and out of the window. The second evolution was a basement rescue of a downed firefighter. Members were tasked with safely locating, packaging and removing the downed firefighter onto an attic ladder and sliding him/her out the basement window. The final evolution was a bailout scenario where each member utilized their fire service harness along with life safety rope to rappel from a window to the ground or a lower level where conditions are more ideal.
JTFD1’s RIT is a Morris County recognized team and trains regularly with the emphasis on improving their skill set and team unity so that if and when the time comes we can rescue one of our own because everyone goes home.