(February 17) Members of Jefferson Township Fire Co. 1 completed various levels of training in Ice Rescue this past weekend. The training was conducted by members of Jefferson Fire Co. 2 who are certified instructors for Life Saving Resources.
The first part of the course consisted of a 3 hour class room session for Awareness Certification on January 29, 2008. The second part consisted of outdoor operations as primary (technician) rescuer and secondary (operations) rescuer on a sunny, cold Saturday morning on February 16th at Preston Lake. The training started at 7:30 AM. The temperature was about 18 degrees when the training started that morning. Temperatures were above freezing by the time the drill ended around noon. The primary rescuer is responsible for getting into the dry suits to go into the icy water to rescue someone in the water surrounded by ice. The primary rescuer has to be able to communicate with the secondary rescuers on land who are responsible for the safety lines attached to the primary rescuer and victim.Various techniques were taught for rescue – self rescue of the rescuer, use of slings, back boards, ladders, Marsar rescue sled, Survive Alive rescue sled. 28 members of the fire company participated in different phases of the training. Photos coming soon.