From the desk of the Chiefs JTFD1:

Yesterday a group of our members here at Jefferson Fire Company 1 on request of our Mayor Eric Wilsusen and Department of Recreation took the Easter bunny on a tour through the Milton side of town. We are 100% volunteer department and we understand how important these traditions are especially in the current situation that we all live in today. It was heartwarming to see all the expressions of appreciation from our residence both young and old more than you realize.

We take many precautions to continue these traditions by wearing the proper protective equipment, sanitizing the trucks and keeping distance from the residence, this ensures your safety and ours. Jefferson is comprised of four fully volunteer emergency departments and these members will drop everything when they are needed. It is a group effort and as Chief I am extremely proud of our members and what we can accomplish together.

On this Easter day if you know somebody who’s going the extra mile doctor, nurse, emergency service person, grocery worker, delivery person any other person on the front lines tell them that you appreciate them.

Please keep yourself safe because that keeps us safe. Happy Easter!

We’re all in this together.

Chief Raymond Cabrera Sr.
Assistant Chief David Wetzel Jr.